October 9th, 2006


New Television shows

Does anyone else love the new series called Heroes? Vincent and I watch it together every Monday night and get disgusted because it ends too soon. We would easily watch it for two hours each week. Out of all of the new shows, I think this one stands out more than any of them.

There are few shows on tv that Vincent likes. It takes a lot to hold his interest, so I was excited that he likes Heroes, so we can watch it together. :)

Anyone else have any favorites so far this season?

Hugs, Patt

Vincent goes shopping

Rod is out of town for a week, so Vincent and I are all alone. Time to go shopping, right? We went to a sale at JC Penney tonight and got some new clothing for him. He was so excited. :) He got new jeans, shirts and shoes. He looked really cute and of course I'm putting a picture of him up so you can see him too. He's a sweetie pie. (Usually)

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