June 25th, 2006

1. blair

Not feeling too well. :(

Today and tonight has been a tough one for me. I had an IBS attack and I've been in great pain ever since. (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) It hits seldom, so sometimes I forget I even have it, but today I was reminded big time. But otherwise, the day was nice and quiet. I read some of my book and just relaxed.

Tom is taking my airline headphones and turning them into regular headphones right now so I can listen to music more and not bother everyone. He's a good kid.

Vincent is at work and thinks he's the only person in the world that works hard. LOL To be 17 and right all the time again, would be a friggin nightmare. LOL He's a good kid too, just really hyper and keeps us hopping.

Tomorrow Tom has an interview at ten and everyone keep their fingers crossed that he gets the job. It's made for him. *g*

I hope all of you have a great week.

Hugs, Patt
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