June 22nd, 2006

1. blair

I'm having lunch with Lit_gal today.

I'm meeting Lit_gal for lunch and I'm so excited I can hardly see straight. That works out great since I read slash stories. LOL Have you ever read lit_gal 's work? Its very good. I really like reading her work.

I'll write tomorrow and let everyone know how lunch went. I'm excited, excited, excited.

Talk to you soon.

Hugs, Patt

PS: Have a great Thursday.

Lunch with lit_gal went very well. We sat and talked for over two hours. It was fantastic. We're going to get together once a month from now on since we live so far apart and it'll be like seeing someone from out of town. :) I'm so glad I went. To think I was putting it off because I was so nervous, just proves I know nothing about life. LOL We talked about her putting a story in the September Ezine, so that made me very happy. :) I'm in a very good mood. :)
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