May 31st, 2006



I'm still watching the Moonridge Auction and smiling. I can't believe how much money some people are spending. I couldn't spend that much if I wanted to. LOL All of my stories got at least one bid, so I'm happy. :) Now I just have to find something I want to bid on and hopefully get it. LOL It's hard because everyone bids much higher than I do. I'm the queen of cheap. *g* Is everyone else having fun with it? :)

Every day I drive to pick up our son Tom until he gets his drivers license back and I'm getting so tan. Back in Iowa we called it Farmers tan because one arm is darker than the other. LOL It was 107 degrees today, is that hot or what? Whoa!

Tonight we're grilling burgers and that will be a easy meal to fix. :) I'm lazy too. Cheap and lazy. *g*

Rodney and I are going to Albuquerque this weekend for the 60th Anniversary party for my folks. We're just staying the weekend, so that's not so bad. LOL

I hope you all have a nice weekend.

Hugs, Patt
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