January 16th, 2006

1. blair

Running, running, running.

Every since our son and Grandson got here, we've been running like chicken with our heads cut off. Tomorrow another day of busy, busy, busy.

Vincent and I are going to the Dentist for x-rays and cleaning, doesn't that sound like fun? :) And then we're going for our monthly trip to Costco for groceries. That will hurt the pocketbook. Feeding these two boys is unreal. LOL

On a nicer note, it was so nice again to not have to do dishes. I love having tom here helping me. Sure makes it easier on me. He said, I do the cooking and he does the dishes. Can't complain about that, eh?

Still working on the house, trying to get it in shape. It might take a long while since I hate cleaning so much.

Hope you all have a great Tuesday.
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