November 7th, 2005


BASCon and Lisa's dad.

Lisa and I had a wonderful time at the convention. We met up with my brother Pete, and Peter and Susan from the lists. We had a blast and had some things planned for Sunday and Monday, but Lisa's dad had a heart attack on Sunday morning, so we had to catch a flight out as soon as we could and Lisa then had to fly on to San Antonio. Most of the Con was over by then, so thankfully we did get to see a lot of new people and do a lot of new things. :) Hi Jessie, Hi Susan. :)

Lisa's dad is having triple bypass surgery on Wednesday. They needed him to rest up for two more days. So everyone keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Hugs, Patt
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BASCon 2005`

Okay, I'm very anti-social, but yet I was able to handle this Con very easily. Margaret was right. It's a small one and I didn't have but one anxiety attack the entire time I was there.

The last day we were at the going away raffle and I bought five tickets and guess who won one of the nicer gifts? (They all were nice, but mine rocked.) I won two free nights at Embassy Suites and a 50 dollar certificate for the restaurant in the hotel. Whoo Hoo. So now I guess I won't have to save as much money next year for the hotel and flight.

There was only one Sentinel Panel, so I was a little disappointed about that. There were no Starsky and Hutch Panels, Due South or Wanted, so I think next year I'll talk Lisa into monitoring one or more panels. :)

The Songvid show lasted 2 1/2 hours, and every one of them were wonderful. Some more so than others, but I had like 13 favorites. LOL I even bought the songvid. We all had a very good time listening and watching all the fine men on the screen.

Next year I will know more about the Con, so it should be even more fun for me. At any rate, I loved it. :)

Just wanted to fill you in on BASCon.

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