November 1st, 2005


For us 'old' folks...

I think LMFA should have a printable ballot, for those that already forgot who they voted for and for what catagory. LOL It makes sense to me. I did already go and vote and feel better having done that. It was exciting, sort of like election voting except I liked the people I voted for in LMFA.

As usual, I felt there were a lot of really good writers missing from the ballot and hope to see them on next years. Just because I love certain writers doesn't mean everyone does, I guess, but I can still dream.

Everyone go over and vote. :) Pretend we're practicing for the next election.

Welcome to a new week everyone.
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I'm packed and ready to go.

San Francisco is never going to be the same. LOL Between, me, Lisa, Peter, Susie and my brother Peter, we're going to be hell on wheels. [g]

I meet up with Lisa tomorrow night at 5:00 p.m. Whoo Hoo. I'm so ready for this trip. I printed out all of the panels they have to offer so that Lisa and I can make plans first thing Thursday. They have some pretty interesting sounding panels. Might be worth a look see.

Did I tell you all that Lisa is coming back with me and staying almost a week at my house? We're really excited about that, and Rodney is less excited. LOL He knows we're going to drive him insane, but he really doesn't have that far to drive anyhow.

I went on no mail to all my lists except for Senad. I don't knnow how to do that one. Bummer. Oh well, hopefully in five days I won't get that much mail.

I'll miss you all. Have fun without me.

Hugs, Patt
PS: I'm bouncing like the little martian on the page.
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