September 22nd, 2005

1. secretsanta


I didn't think the subject line needed anymore than that on it. Do we think New Orleans could take another hit? Well, they haven't even gotten to all of the places to check for bodies yet and now we're talking a new one. I feel so bad for them.

My daughter, Chris and her husband Brett and their daughter Alexa live outside of Houston and have decided, thus far to stay and wait it out. I hope they know what they're doing. They're talking about this one being worse than Katrina. So I hope and pray they will be all right and things will be over for everyone soon.

You know what I've decided? I like living in Phoenix. The heat is unbearable sometimes, but you're not going to get washed away with floods. You're not going to have tornado's and you won't have earthquakes. (People say we had one once, but I never felt it.) We just have smoldering heat. We can put up with that. I used to live in Iowa and we had a tornado all the time. Every time we turned around, everyone had to go to the basement. It was horrible. Here we don't even have basements.

I forgot, we do have fires every year that seem to get worse and worse. But again, nothing in comparison to what everyone in the gulf region has been taking.

I hope California never falls into the ocean, because we would have ocean front property in Arizona. And I don't want no stinking ocean front property.

I was thinking about writing a story today, but can't get motivated. [sigh]

Margaret, I sent my final movie story to a beta that is going to probably take it from 30 pages to 4. LOL But I've decided to use two beta's from now on. I think people need that many. Okay, okay. I need that many. The movie I chose was The Wedding Date. Did anyone ever see that movie? I changed it around quite a bit and I had a blast. I hope that second beta likes it a little. Just enough to leave most of it in tact. LOL Seriously, I think she might have me add things, but I doubt she would shorten it to 4 pages. LOL

How many beta's does everyone have. (I make it sound like more than two people will ever read this. LOL)

Have a great day, everyone.

Be well, be happy and be in love,
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