September 20th, 2005

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When you see this, post a poem you like on your LJ.

When you see this, post a poem you like on your LJ.

(This is my first Sentinel Poem)

I Am A Sentinel

by Patt Paulos-Darrow

Who am I? Do you believe you know?
I am love, I am hate, and I am justice.
Do not upset my Guide or me.
Why do you think you have to know me at all?
Stay away from me, stay away from my family.
I know who you are, you are sickness, and you are disease.
You have moved into the neighborhoods.
Someone always protects you, but from me there can be no hiding.
So stay away from me and everyone I hold dear.
For I am justice, I will not listen to your sad story.
I am love, I was given many gifts from God.
I am hate and will protect those I love at all costs.
It is very simple, I am a Sentinel.
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My Health or lack of.

I'm sick of being sick. M, knows what I mean I'm sure. I hope her knee is getting stronger every day.

Anyhow, I went to Urgent Care and found out I have Pneumonia. They take care of it all at home now, so that made it easier. If I could just stop coughing I would be a lot happier. The Doctor said two to three weeks to recover. For Christ's sake I didn't have surgery. I'm feeling my age and I do believe I would have bounced back easier a few years ago. Oh well, life goes on and so do I. :)

Be happy, be healthy and be in love,


PS: Well, two out of three ain't bad, eh?
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Movie Rec

I just watched a movie called Big Eden and I'm going to have to buy it. Simple as that. It's a great, feel good movie and it has gay characters to boot. :)

I've never thought of the main character as handsome, but the man that loves him is a Native American that I was drawn to. He was so gentle and generous that you fall in love with him instantly. He's not your typical gay man type, so it takes you off guard, but you get over it quickly as you watch the Native love the main character in his own way.

His name is Pike and it was a perfect name. It just fit. (Yes, that was his first name.)

The towns people were just wonderful. Every single character had some great lines and fun things to do in the movie. It's almost two hours long and it just flew by.

I would like to think that in some small town in America, this story really could happen. I can dream and I shall. If you get a chance make sure and watch it. Very nice movie and it didn't do badly at the box office, I hear.

Here is a list of the characters. If you get a chance, rent it. Buy it, it'll be a great investment. :)

Cast overview, first billed only:
Arye Gross .... Henry Hart
Eric Schweig .... Pike Dexter
Tim DeKay .... Dean Stewart
Louise Fletcher .... Grace Cornwell
George Coe .... Sam Hart
Nan Martin .... Widow Thayer
O'Neal Compton .... Jim Soams
Corinne Bohrer .... Anna Rudolph
Veanne Cox .... Mary Margaret Bishop
Douglas Sebern .... John Cornwell
Parker Livingston .... Andrew Stewart
Cody Wayne Meixner .... Ben Stewart
Josie Adams .... Becky Rudolph
Mark Twogood .... Lloyd
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