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Attention all writers of Sentinel Fan Fiction.

An announcement for Sentinel Writer's. If you know of anyone that would like to be invited, personal like, make sure and let me know. We love having new blood in the ezine.


Attention: Sentinel Writer’s

The next ezine is going to be for the Moonridge Edition 2008, and we would love to see a lot of you writing for it. We’re going to have a deadline of September 7th, 2008 but we won’t have the ezine out for everyone to see until November 1st, 2008. It’s because the Moonridge winners will have it for 30 days. So if the ezine goes to them by Sept 30th, it won’t be live for everyone else until Nov. 1st. I’m hoping that this will be all right with everyone.

The theme is First Times. It’s called The Many First Times of Jim and Blair, 2008 Moonridge Edition. It can be first times in any way shape or form. You be the judge of that. It can be an established relationship and just discuss them remembering their first time. We’re very excited about it because we’ve never done one before. This is our first, FIRST TIMES ezine. (We excite easily)

I’m sending a submission guideline to each and every one of you so that you’ll know what is expected. It’s very simple to follow. We’re actually quite easy to work with. We’re so hoping that you will consider tribbing a story for us. Remember that it’s for the animals. (At Moonridge)

If you are interested, you can write a haiku, a poem, a drabble, a ficlet, a short story, a long story or a novel. It doesn’t matter to us; we just want you to write for us. And remember that you do get a piece of cover art with every story. And depending on how long the story is, you get interior artwork to go along with the cover artwork.

If you’re interested, please let Lisa, Duncan’s Twin or PattRose know as soon as possible. We’re looking forward to hearing from each and every one of you. Here are the email addy’s.

Thank you for your time. Hope to hear from you soon.



Here are the guidelines for anyone that might need them.

Steps to follow when submitting a story. (Please read #15)

1-Get in contact with Patt or Lisa, Duncan’s Twin. and

2-Develop an idea for a story fitting the criteria for the current ezine. For this ezine, we would like Jim and Blair first times. It’s going to be called, The Many First Times of Jim and Blair.
3-Run the idea by the editorial staff. (There is no need to run it by us, we trust you.)
4-Know the deadline date and try to stick to it. If you can’t, ask Patt or Lisa if you can have extra time. This ezine will have a deadline of Sept. 7th.
5-Start writing your story. Keep these things in mind, please.

A) If you want something in bold for emphasis, please add asterisks (*word*) before and after the word. EX: That is *so* unfair!

B) If you want something italicized like direct thoughts, please put double slash marks (//word//) before and after it. EX: //That is so unfair// Blair thought.

C) DO NOT indent!

D) Hit the enter button twice between paragraphs and after each line of dialogue, so it appears as follows:

"That is *so* unfair, Jim!"

"Too bad!"

{{And not like this}}

"That is *so* unfair, Jim!"
"Too bad!"

E) Send file in .txt version ONLY! Patt will accept the stories in Word Doc also.
6-Keep in contact with Patt or Lisa to keep informed of any information you might need.
7-Finish your story.
8-Send your story to your beta. If you don't have one, MME will provide you with one. There is a list of MME betas in the files. Just ask if you need one.
9-Contact the art staff and tell them that you are done. This would be Patt and she will look and see who is open for artwork at that time.
10-Finalize the pics for your story. Patt does this.
11-Make all necessary revisions on your story, Patt will put the picture placements where she thinks a picture should be placed in your story.
12-Add to your story, at the top before the story begins, the name you want on the story, the email addy you would like feedback to go to, a brief (one sentence if you can) summary (Jim meets an intersting man at the laundromat.) and author's acknowledgements (Thanks to So-and-so for the beta. Dedicate this story to my cat). You get the idea.

For example:

The Big Dog
Lisa, Duncan's Twin
summary: Blair meets a big dog.
Acknowledgements: Thanks to my dog, Scooby. Dedicated to the gerbils.

13-Send your complete story with all requirements from #11, to Patt.
14-We'll contact you to let you know if everything is okay and then you will be given a chance to see the finished product to see if there are any mistakes to be corrected.
15-This time the ezine will be for the Moonridge Auction, so the stories will be done by Sept. 30th, but won’t be for everyone to see until Nov. 1st. The winners from Moonridge will have the ezine for 30 days.

Any questions? :)

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