pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

Chances----Sentinel ficlet

Title: Chances
Author: Patt
Author's websites:
Fandom: The Sentinel
Pairing: Jim/Blair
Prompt: At the risk of losing...
Category: Slash with only a kiss and a little angst
Rating: FMAO
Status: Complete
Spoilers: None
Brief Summary: Blair is going to take a chance.
Warnings: Blair likes to use the word fuck.
Notes/acknowledgments: Thank you, Peja for a good prompt right off the bat. This isn’t beta’d. Ten minutes???? I’ll see what happens.

By Patt

Blair was pacing in the loft, waiting for Jim to come home from another night out with someone. Blair didn’t know who it was, just knew that it should be him. Jim should be fucking me. He was going to have to take a chance and talk to Jim. Fuck… He would talk to Jim at the risk of losing everything, friendship, roommate and partner at work.

Why am I taking this chance, when I could lose everything? Because you’re an idiot, that’s why. Jim needs to be told and if he throws me out, then it was meant to be.

Blair continued to pace until he saw Jim drive up and park in the parking lot at midnight. It’s an early night, maybe that’s a good sign.

Blair waited as patiently as he could until he heard Jim’s key in the door. Jim smiled at Blair when he walked through and said, “Hi Chief.”

“Jim, I need to tell you something,” Blair said quickly before he changed his mind.

Jim hung up his jacket and looked over at Blair to gauge what type of problem was coming his way. “So what’s up? You know I have time for you if you need to talk,” Jim said quietly as he sat down on the sofa. He seemed to sense that this was important.

Blair sat next to Jim and almost whispered, “I love you.”

“And I love you,” Jim answered.

“No, I love you in a different way,” Blair declared.

“I love you the same way,” Jim replied.

“You love me?” Blair asked trying not to show his shock.

“Always have, Blair, always have,” Jim confessed.

“How would you like to go on a date tomorrow night?” Blair inquired.

“I would love to,” Jim responded quickly.

“We’re on. And we’re going to have fucking dessert upstairs in your bed when we get home,” Blair stated.

“I couldn’t agree more. Fucking dessert, it will be,” Jim teased as he leaned in and kissed Blair for the first time.

There was no risk of losing anything, it was all within his reach, all he had to do was grab it. And grab it he would.

Life was good.

The end
Tags: fiction

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