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A Sentinel Ficlet: A Time for Change

A Time for Change
By Patt

Blair was on cloud nine. This was the most important day of his life, this far anyhow. He had graduated from the Police Academy with honors and had passed the test for Detective First Grade. He was now going to be officially Jim’s partner and he couldn’t wait to get to the station house to tell him.


Simon walked into the bullpen carrying a huge cake and Conner said, “What’s the occasion?”

Simon said, “Someone is graduating from the academy today, a full two weeks ahead of time.”

Brown said, “Hairboy is officially ours now?”

“Yes, he’s ours. Where is Jim?” Simon asked.

“He’s down in records; he should be up here soon. When is Sandburg going to be here?” Rafe asked.

“He’ll be here any moment. I was hoping that Jim would be up here before Sandburg got here. He’ll miss saying surprise,” Simon answered.

The elevator dinged and Blair got off and was surrounded by his friends and co-workers immediately. Everyone was telling him congratulations and so on. Simon took the cake into the break room and told everyone to go in and have some. Blair was a little embarrassed about having all of this attention, but he went anyhow, but he noticed that Jim wasn’t there and it wasn’t the same without Jim.

Simon waited in the bullpen for Ellison to show up. Jim walked into the room and said, “Where is everyone?”

“They’re all in the break room having some cake with Sandburg,” Simon explained.

“Why are we having cake?” Jim asked.

“He passed all of the tests for Detective First Grade and will be your partner as of tomorrow. He graduated the Academy with honors. I thought you would want to know. Now go and have some cake with him,” Simon ordered.

Jim walked slowly to the break room and found everyone crammed into the small room. He saw Blair at the same moment that Blair saw him.

Blair noticed an odd look on Jim’s face and then Jim turned and walked away from the break room. What the fuck? Where was Jim going? Didn’t he want him as his partner?

Blair excused himself and left the room looking for Jim. He saw Simon heading towards the break room and asked, “Have you seen Jim?”

“He said he was hitting the can,” Simon divulged.

“I’ll be back in a few minutes,” Blair said as he headed for the restroom.

Simon walked into the break room, smiling at his two officers. They were both a mess. Simon was going to have a good time and have some cake if it killed him. That was all there was to it.

Blair walked into the restroom and he could hear someone blowing their nose in one of the stalls. He looked under the doors and saw that Jim was the only one in the room. Then he heard something that sounded like crying. Could Jim be crying? Why? What had he missed?

“Jim, open up,” Blair demanded.

Blair heard more nose-blowing and a cough and then Jim said, “I’ll be out in a few, Sandburg.”

“Don’t Sandburg, me. Open this fucking door,” Blair yelled.

“Chief, I just want to be alone for a minute,” Jim pleaded.

Blair went over to the main door and locked it and then went back to the stall. “Okay, the door is locked, now open up.”

“Can’t I get any privacy in the bathroom?” Jim snarled.

“No, now open up this fucking door, before I kick it in,” Blair barked.

Jim opened up the door and walked out to the sink area. His eyes were swollen and red and Blair was certain he had been crying now. Why?

“You want to explain to me, or am I going to have to pull the 20 questions?” Blair asked.

“I’ve had a rough day, okay? You know it’s not written anywhere that a man can’t cry now and then,” Jim stated.

“That is very true, but you aren’t a normal man. You never cry, so tell me what’s going on,” Blair bossed.

“I’m happy,” Jim said quietly.

“Why?” Blair asked trying to get him to say more.

“Why? Why do you think? It’s because you passed all of the tests and you’re going to be my official partner. I can’t wait and I just got overwhelmed,” Jim explained.

“So instead of coming and telling me congratulations, you came into the restroom and cried?” Blair wondered aloud.

Jim pulled Blair into his arms and said, “Congratulations, Chief. I knew you could do it. I never doubted you for a moment. I’m so proud of you.” And then Jim kissed the top of Blair’s head.

“Wait a minute, what the hell was that?” Blair asked.

“I’m overwhelmed, I’m telling you. Now I kissed you on your head. I’m sorry,” Jim apologized.

“Stop apologizing and tell me what you’re really feeling,” Blair insisted.

“I’m proud of you, I’m happy for you and me and I think you’re going to do a great job,” Jim recited.

“So what was the kiss on the head?” Blair asked, not giving up for a second.

“I just wasn’t thinking,” Jim admitted.

“So you didn’t mean that?” Blair asked.

“Well, yeah I meant it. In a brotherly sort of way,” Jim said.

“Oh too bad, I was hoping it was in a non-brotherly sort of way,” Blair teased.

Jim looked at Blair and could tell he wasn’t kidding. Blair was serious as a heart attack.

“I love you, Chief. That’s why I kissed you,” Jim commented.

Blair hugged the big man and said, “I love you too, but I would have kissed you on your lips, not on top of your head.”

Jim pulled Blair’s face up and came down for a proper kiss. When their lips met, it was like electricity hitting both of them. Blair pulled back and said, “Okay, no more of this, you’re getting my motor running and we’re supposed to be eating cake.”

“So let’s go eat cake. Do I look all right now?” Jim was worried about embarrassing his partner.

Blair washed Jim’s face off really quickly and said, “You look perfect. We’ll discuss the rest of our lives tonight. For right now, let’s just enjoy the day and have some cake. And remember that I love you.”

“I love you, too, Blair. I’m so proud of you,” Jim said as they walked out of the restroom.

Conner came around the corner as they started down the hall and said, “They just sent me to find you two. Where have you been?”

“Jim and I were talking about my tests. We’re ready for cake now. Lead the way,” Blair commanded.

“Yes sir,” Conner answered laughing.

Jim looked over at Blair and smiled and knew that everything would be all right. They would discuss all of this at home and Jim didn’t feel the need to be embarrassed in front of Blair at all.

They walked into the room and both of the men were all smiles.

The end
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