pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

We went to see Iron Man today...

and it was everything the critics said it would be. It was a fine film, action, but not totally taking over the movie. I loved Robert Downey Jr. in it and Terrence Howard is just fine to look at. :) Jeff Bridges played a dick and I didn't like that about it, but other than that, it was a great film. I went to see if Iron Man 2 was in the works and it said that Robert Downey Jr. is going to reprise his role of Tony Stark (Iron Man) in The Incredible Hulk. What a great thing to read, because I can't wait to see him again.

KC and Margaret took me to see the movie for my Birthday celebration. March was a nightmare, so we celebrated right now instead. It was cool having like two birthdays for the year. :) Anyhow, I told Hubster that I would go see Iron Man again at the theater with him. He was happy about that. He had wanted to see it and I'd like to see it again. The things I have to do for the Hubster. :)

Did I mention that Robert Downey Jr. looked damn good without a shirt on? He must have worked out for this flic, because he was in great shape.

If you do go see the movie, be sure to wait until the end of the credits, because there is one scene there to end it. And it was worth the wait. (Yes, yes, I did indeed like this movie)

Everyone have a perfect Sunday and Monday. To all Mother's, I wish you a Happy Mother's Day and to all of the Mother's of animals, I wish it to you too. After all, they are like our children, eh? (I know that Grace is my precious darling, all 78 pounds of her)

Be well, be happy and go and see Iron Man. :)




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