pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

I'm playing with my journal. LOL

I found some new things to try, so I'm trying. heh. Everyone has the paid ones, but I can't even figure out the free one, so I'm safe for a while. I like the new one I picked out because it's just white with black font. That seems to bother my eyes less. Although, tomorrow, I might have it in hot pink and blue. LOL

There are 29 days until I'm in San Francisco. Whoo Hoo. I'm getting soooooo excited. :)

I watched a show last night that was pretty good called Close To Home, so I figure it will only last for six shows. LOL Every time I like something it gets cancelled.

Talked to the neighbor, (Terry) and she's going to feed Grace for us. (Our dog) Now we won't have to worry in December, because we used to take her down to Tucson to stay with KC, but it was getting to be too much traveling for her. Okay, for us.

Our daughter Chris has decided that it would be fun to exchange presents at her house for Christmas. :) So now I have to think of gifts. Have I mentioned lately how much I dislike the commercialism of Christmas? Our son-in-law Brett is easy to buy for because he collects anything Harley Davidson. I love buying Harley stuff. [g] Chris is easy to buy for too, but 14 year old Alexa is another story. LOL

Our little grand-daughter Samantha is going to be 9 months at Christmas, so we got her a rocking type toy that is a fish. So it's round and she sits in the middle of it and rocks. It's made by Little Tykes. God, it's cute. Things are so much cuter than when our kids were little.

I'm determined to write a holiday story does anyone have any plot ideas for me? I'm desperate. I should be a Desperate Housewife. LOL

You all have a great Wednesday. Lost is on tonight. YAY YAY YAY.

Hugs, Patt

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