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Working on another zine

My poor printer my be exhausted. I use it daily and I've been using it more in the last month than I have in the last year. :) I'm working on another zine that was won at Moonridge. I have so much fun putting them together. Margaret, I'm really good at it. I might take a stab at doing Metal James again. LOL

I've got to start cleaning this house one of these days because Lisa is coming to stay for about eight days. I don't want her to know what pig I am. LOL I told Rod we need to find hiding places for our junk. He didn't see the humor in it. LOL (He doesn't believe we have any junk. Such a dreamer.)

We're going to Houston for Christmas and I called about putting the dog in the kennel, but it's going to cost 389.00, if you can believe that. Now I love my dog, but she's no where near worth that. LOL So now I have to figure something out. Damn it all.

I wrote a small Christmas story that is sort of funny and silly for the Holiday Ezine. I was so happy to write something that I will have to go back and rewrite it when I'm not that excited. hahahahahahahahaha. The title is Absolut Motherfucker. LOL And it's spelled right.

Spread the word that we're having a Holiday Ezine and maybe we can get a lot of stories for this one. The deadline is November 23rd and it's coming out December 20th, I think. They don't have to belong to My Mongoose either. We'd like it to be a fairly big one, because Holiday stories are a big thing that time of the year.

Well, I hope everyone is having a good week so far. It's early, being only Tuesday. Ha. Don't forget to watch, My Name is Earl. He cracks me up. LOL


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