pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

Ezine Announcement

Feel free to put this on your live journal, too.

It seems some people are having trouble accessing the newest ezine, Many
Chapters of The Sentinel V. Please make sure to clear your cache file,
as sometimes it blocks the newest version of the website from appearing.
In case it's needed, here's the direct link for Chapters V is:

All of the ezines should be up and running except 2 older ones which are
being cleaned up and hopefully back up in February after a major
overhaul of the site. No ezines are being taken down and more ezines
will follow in 2008.

If anyone is interested in submitting a story for the newest ezine, The
Many Ways We Love Jim and Blair, the deadline is January 31. Please
contact Patt ( or Lisa ( for

Lisa, Duncan's Twin
Co-Producer of My Mongoose Ezines
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