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Working on a Zine again

I'm making a special Zine up for Lisa for her birthday and its quite the job. The story is from a friend and it was never put on the web. So it's on one piece of paper for each page. So I'm having to copy each and put it on one piece for two pages. What a pain in the butt. LOL But Lisa is going to be thrilled and surprised like crazy.

Every day I try and do about 20 pages of it. It's very time consuming and I haven't got the most patience in the world. I just finished making two presents for Christmas for Margaret and K.C. I love to make the presents because it means more to me. :) (Does this mean I'm just cheap?)

Did I mention that we're going to Houston for Christmas again this year? That will be nice. We love spending time with Chris, Brett and Alexa. I hope to get down to Tucson before that, so we can have a gift exchange with Margaret, KC and our other set of kiddo's.

Only five more weeks until my first Convention. Whoo Hoo. I'm so excited. I hear BASCon is a good Con to start at. I think, M told me that. :o)

I have tremors and M and I joke about it all the time. She said this was me smiling while shaking. LOL ::0)) I think that was what she sent. Anyhow, It cracked me up. I have a feeling that I have a very sick sense of humor. It's all M's fault. LOL

Be happy you are alive for one more day,

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