pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

Lots of company coming...

my sister is coming on Friday and so is our daughter Chris and her daughter, Alexa. (Son-in-law is in Singapore) So we're going to have all three bedrooms full. :) My sister is just staying until Sunday morning, but Chris is staying until Thursday morning. I wish it was longer.

I have to do something wild and crazy later today, like clean. Can you imagine? LOL I hate cleaning. The house isn't even that dirty, but I just have to force myself to tidy things up. What a pain.

We're having Ham for Xmas dinner, Alexa picked Christmas menu this year.

Our Grandson, Vincent got his first car yesterday and was quite excited about it. It's a 1995 Infinity G20. All leather seats and very nice shape for what he paid for it. Now we hope to see him more. :)

Is everyone busy with baking and cooking things for the holidays? I hope everyone has a great time.

Hugs, Patt

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