pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

Another Christmas Ficlet. Chocolate Mint

Title: Chocolate Mint
Author: Patt
Rating: G
Prompt 004 and word: Candy Cane
warnings/comments: None
Word Count: 334

Chocolate Mint
By Patt

Megan Conner walked up to Blair and whispered, “I have a problem, could I talk to you for a moment?”

Blair smiled and said, “Sure, let’s go in one of the interrogation rooms. They’re all empty for a change. Knock on wood.”

They walked together sharing small talk as they went and stopped in front of the first door. Megan opened it up and walked in followed by Blair.

Once the door was shut, Blair said, “So what’s wrong?”

“I have a problem. I picked Jim’s name out of the box and I can’t think of one thing to get him for Christmas. Could you give me some ideas for him?”

“Oh man, Jim’s easy to buy for. His favorite thing to eat is Chocolate mint, so get him a nice box of chocolates and then a box of chocolate Mint Candy Canes. He’d be in heaven. He was eating one the other night saying how good it was. Does that help?” Blair looked over at Conner and smiled.

Conner walked towards the door in a much happier mood. “Yes, that helps a lot, thank you, Sandy. I didn’t know what I was going to get him and I didn’t want it to be some stupid gag gift.”

“He’ll be happy, I promise.” Blair opened the door and almost walked into his partner. “Oh hey Jim. Where have you been?”

“What are you and Conner doing?” Jim moved his eyebrows up and down and laughed out loud at the look on both their faces.

“We’re just friends.” Conner said in a huff and walked off without even saying hello to Jim or goodbye to Blair.

Jim looked at Blair and whispered, “She got my name, right?”

Blair glared at his partner and said, “Nothing is sacred with you, is it?”

“What am I getting?” Jim wondered aloud.

“Six more days and you’ll find out.” Blair said as he walked off in a huff.

Jim frowned and thought, I hope she’s getting me chocolate.

The end
Tags: fiction
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