pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

A little Christmas ficlet. (very little)

Title: The Tree
Author: PattRose
Rating: FRAO
Prompt #1 and word: Tree
warnings/comments: Silly. Can this be a warning?
Word Count: 184

The Tree
By Patt

“Oh please tell me this isn’t the tree you used when you were married to Carolyn.” Blair was in total shock, looking at a small ceramic tree with bulbs that supposedly lit up.

Jim just sighed and said, “Hey, what’s wrong with this tree, it’s better than cutting one down?”

“Jim, please let me get a real tree, this is going to be our first Christmas together. I want it to be special.” Blair wasn’t above begging.

“I figured with this one taking up so little room, it would give me more room to put your presents around it. Was I wrong?” Jim asked evilly.

Blair was in bounce mode as he plugged the little ceramic tree in and said, “Hey, it’s really actually pretty isn’t it?”

“Just keep thinking about the presents, Blair.”

“Have I mentioned how much I love you?” Blair asked sweetly.

Jim smiled and answered, “Not since last night. But I figure it’s the glow from the tree making you all mushy.”

Blair jumped on Jim and said, “I’ll show you my glow from the tree.”

And he did just that.

The end
Tags: fiction

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