pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

Thank you to C for the Drabble

Sentinel Christmas Drabble Just for Patt!
By Cbtreks

"I'm very ecumenical," Blair was saying, "and if it
involves music and colored lights, even better."

Jim grinned. Blair was putting the finishing touches
on the decorations. They'd foregone a tree this year,
but there were plenty of lights and music. "I think
you forgot something very important," he said.

Blair looked up, a question on his face, then grinned
when he saw the sprig of mistletoe Jim was holding
aloft. "Well, that certainly wouldn't do," he said,
rising to his feet and removing the strand of
evergreen garland draped round his neck. "We'd better
rectify that immediately."

Jim grinned.

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