pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

Have I mentioned I hate changes????

Well I do. First the Icon Community that I belonged to went on hiatus and it never came back. Then I finally got used to a new one and the rules keep changing, and this week, there are going to be icons from SGA. I absolutely dislike (I'm trying not to say hate) SGA with a passion. And did I mention I hate changes? I know everyone else loves the show, so I just better get over it, but it's not supposed to have SGA in it. *sigh* It must be time for my nap. LOL I'm grouchy as can be. I need to get out and find some good Firefly Icon lists. I wonder if there is such a thing. I would like to see icons for Firefly now and then. I also would love to see some for Due South. Does anyone know of communities that have these two shows in it?

Okay, I'm done bitching for tonight. I think I need more meds. LOL

Hugs, Patt
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