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Richmond is one of the surrounding suburbs around Houston, Tx. There was no way for them to get out because of all of the cars stalled and waiting on the interstate. Brett had a friend that said it took six hours to get 30 miles. And this was after the traffic was beginning to move better. They said that the average speed limit is 3-4 miles an hour.

To keep our Grand-daughter safe, they're making her sleep with the dog in their walk-in closet. Brett didn't want any high winds breaking the windows on the second floor where her room is. So, being 14, she sees it as a camping trip with her best friend. (Her dog, Cheyenne.) She's taking it all in stride and told her Mom today she misses school. She's one of those kids that hates to miss a day, so being off for the last three has been boring to her.

I can't wait to talk to them today, hopefully so we can find out if everything went all right. It's very nerve-wracking. All of the grocery stores and pharmacies have been closed since Tuesday. Thankfully, Chris is a very organized person. They're set for the long haul in case they need to stay in the house for a week or two. Brett seems to think it will all be over and done with by Monday. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

I'm going to go and walk the mall today. I have to get out, pneumonia or not. I'm bored out of my mind. Hope that goes all right.

As always, my thoughts are with the people from LA. How terrible it must be to just feel like you're getting your life back and another Hurricane hits.

It's time for bed, finally. I couldn't sleep earlier. Worried about the kids' I guess. Everyone take care. (Yeah, the whole two of you.)

Hugs, Patt

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