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He's MIne Part 3 and final.

Title: He’s Mine Part 3
Author: Patt
Pairing: Jim/Blair
Fandom: The Sentinel
Summary: The boys still have to deal with Steadmire, or maybe they will have some help.
Challenge #199: All’s Fair…
For: SXR and Sentinel Thursday
Rating: FRAO
Warning: m/m
Word Count: 2390

He’s Mine
Part 3
By Patt

Jim and Blair were eating breakfast when there was a knock at the door. Blair answered and found Officer Caden Miles. Blair looked at him strangely and said, “Come on in, Caden.”

“Thanks, Blair. I wondered if I could talk to the two of you.” He asked shyly.

Jim came walking out of the kitchen and held out his hand to shake with Caden. Caden took it gladly and smiled, again very shyly.

Jim said, “Let’s sit down and talk. Come on, it’s more comfortable in the living room.” Jim led them all into the living room and Caden sat down not looking at either men.

Blair decided to find out what would bring Caden to their home at 7:00 in the morning. “So what’s up, Caden?”

Caden looked embarrassed and asked, “Ellison, do you know that Steadmire has a thing for you?”

Jim almost laughed but thought this might not be the right time, instead he just said, “Yeah, I knew it. But I’m with Sandburg.”

Caden nodded his head and then asked, “Does anyone have any ideas on how to get him thinking about anyone but you?”

Blair thought this man was beyond cute. Here was this big cop, looking tough as nails, and wanted Steadmire to notice him for a change. Blair smiled and said, “If you’re interested in him, tell him.”

“He only asked me out to make Ellison jealous, when that didn’t work, he didn’t ask me out again. I wanted him to.” Caden blushed and hung his head.

“There is nothing wrong with wanting someone, especially if you know he’s gay too. I would say keep asking him out and one of these times, he’ll fall for you big time. He needs to get over the fact that he can’t have Ellison. And when he does, you’ll be there to help him through it. He’ll be so grateful and find out that he has feelings for you instead. I see it happening this way.” Blair explained as well as he could.

Caden smiled at Blair and said, “You think he would ever feel something for me?”

Jim decided to answer that one. “Of course he’ll feel something for you, once he gets over the fact that he can’t be with me, he’s going to notice who has been around the entire time, being his friend and he’ll fall madly in love. You just wait and see.”

“So both of you think I have a chance?” Caden asked hopefully.

Blair smiled and said, “Don’t let up on him. If he says no, just ask him for another day. If he brushes you off, don’t let it stop you. Come on really strong. Send him flowers, candy and things like that to get his attention. He’ll come around, I know it.”

“And if he doesn’t?” Caden wondered aloud.

Blair got a huge smile on his face and said, “I’ll kick his ass all over Records. He’s got to leave Jim alone and soon.”

Jim thought for a minute and asked, “Do you know of anything that Steadmire likes that no one else knows about?”

Caden thought for a moment and said, “He has a beautiful dolphin sculpture on his desk, does that count?”

“Yes… Now you know where to go. He probably is a closet collector of dolphins, so you need to start picking up dolphins for different occasions. Include one with each bouquet of flowers or plant that you send and he’ll fall for you even faster for noticing.”

“Ellison, is there any way you could make him less interested in you?” Caden asked, truthfully.

Jim burst out laughing and said, “I’ve got it. I’ll make fun of his dolphin and see where that takes me. What do you think, Sandburg?”

Blair smiled at the thought and said, “I think it might work. Caden, you get busy buying the dolphins and making plans for asking him out. And Jim will find a reason to go down to records and make fun of the man somehow. No offense, but it’s going to be easier than it seems.”

Caden smiled and said, “I know you guys don’t like him, but I do. I always have. Ever since I met him at one of the station parties, I’ve had a thing for him. And I know the only reason he asked me out that one day was to make Ellison jealous. He was very angry that it didn’t work. But I loved being out with him.”

Caden stood up to leave and Jim shook his hand, then Blair did and they walked him to the door. “See you at the station, Caden.” Blair said with a smile on his face.

“See you later, Miles. Don’t give up, no matter what.” Jim advised.

“Thanks for seeing me so early, guys. I’ll talk to you later.” Caden Miles walked away from their loft with a much lighter step then when he had arrived.

Blair shut the door and said, “Is it just me, or did this entire thing become way more fun?”

“Oh yeah, it’s going to be fun. I can’t wait to go down to records and make fun of his dolphin on his desk.” Jim laughed out loud and hugged Blair to his chest.

“Are we bad people for doing this?” Blair asked laughing along with Jim.

“Who cares?” Jim answered as they walked back into the kitchen. This might just be interesting.


Jim had finished the Morelli case and knew he could take the file back down to records, so he decided he would do just that.

“Hey Chief, I have to take this file back down to records, I’ll be back in a flash.”

Blair started laughing and said, “Now don’t pour it on too thick, or he’ll see right through it.”

“I think I can handle it.” Jim left and Blair wished he could be down there to witness it.


Jim walked in, saw the desk with the dolphin and walked over to Stephanie and said, “Nice dolphin you have there.” He then handed her the Morelli file. She reached across to grab it and said, “It’s not mine, it belongs to Steadmire.”

Steadmire heard what had taken place and walked up to be right in front of Jim and said, “You like dolphins too?”

“Not hardly… I figured it was Stephanie’s because no normal male would ever collect dolphins. Well, I have to get back to work.” And just like that, he walked out of the records room. He almost felt bad because Steadmire’s face had just fallen when Jim made the remark about no normal male. But all’s fair…


Blair was in bounce mode as Jim walked up to his desk. “So how did it go?”

“It wasn’t that funny, Chief. I hurt his feelings and I feel bad about that.” Jim admitted.

“Did you want to start dating the slimeball?” Blair asked bluntly.

“Not even, that’s why I got over it on the elevator ride up. But it still wasn’t that funny. Now we need Miles to get busy and send something while Steadmire is down in the dumps.”

Blair sat down at his desk and said, “I’ll call him now. He’s at the station today; he called me while you were downstairs.”

“Is he ready?” Jim asked hopefully.

“Yes, he found a sterling silver dolphin statue that rocks, he said. He’s sending it with a plant for his office. He’s just waiting on my phone call to have it sent.” Blair picked up the phone and told Caden what was going on. They talked for a few minutes and then Blair hung up.

“Everything go as planned?” Jim asked.

Blair smiled and said, “He can’t believe you were so mean to Steadmire. He really likes Thomas and wishes you wouldn’t have had to be so mean.” Both men began to laugh.

Simon walked out of his office and said, “Ellison, Sandburg if you don’t have anything to do, I have plenty to give you to do.”

Jim hurried over to his desk and sat down, “No thanks, sir. We have plenty to do.”

“Then I suggest you do it.” Simon walked back into his office and slammed the door.

Blair snickered and said, “You would think he wanted us to do police work while we were at the station. What a grump. Doesn’t he know we’re in the middle of a soap opera and have to see how it turns out?”

Jim laughed and got busy working on the next file he had on his desk. Damn, it was the Reed file. He couldn’t seem to find anything to help find the killer on that one. Sighing, he started reading the file again, taking notes as he went along. Blair was doing the same thing, hoping he could find something to help Jim figure something out at the last minute. If the two of them didn’t, this man was going to go free and everyone knew he was guilty.


I have a delivery for Thomas Steadmire.” The delivery person said.

Steadmire stood up and said, “I’m Steadmire.”

“Well, today is your lucky day. I have a plant for you. Enjoy.” The delivery person walked out of the office and everyone looked at him.

In the plant itself, there was a sterling silver dolphin and it was a beautiful plant. He set it on his desk and opened the card.


I hope this finds you well. I would like you to have lunch with me today at 1:00, if you aren’t busy. Just give me a call at 555-1978 and let me know either way. I’d really like to get to know you better.

Caden Miles//

Steadmire just sat there in shock. He had used Caden Miles to make Jim jealous and he still wanted to take him to lunch. Maybe this was a joke. Maybe Sandburg put him up to it. Steadmire picked up the silver dolphin and looked at the tag on the bottom of it. It was from an expensive jewelry store. Just maybe, his luck was changing. After all, Jim Ellison turned out to be a jerk that was insensitive and unfeeling. Maybe he would give Miles a call. He picked up his phone and dialed the number. “Officer Miles, can I help you?”

“Yes, this is Thomas Steadmire. I would love to have lunch with you this afternoon at 1:00. Where would you like to meet?”

“Across the street at the diner, its close and we’ll have more time to spend talking. I’m glad you’re going to meet me there. Thank you.” Caden said.

“And thank you for the lovely plant and the dolphin. I really like it.”

“Good. Well, I’ll see you at 1:00. Goodbye.” Caden said before he disconnected.

Stephanie walked over once Steadmire was off the phone and said, “Oh wow, what a gorgeous dolphin. Who sent this, Thomas?”

“Do you know Officer Caden Miles?”

Stephanie smiled and nodded yes.

“It’s from him. He asked me to lunch today and I accepted. He didn’t make fun of me for collecting dolphins like someone else did.” Steadmire looked sad for a moment.

Stephanie said, “Thomas, this is going to be perfect. He’s so cute. He’s a lot cuter than Ellison and he’s more your age too.”

Steadmire smiled and said, “You’re right, I do have more in common with him than I did with Ellison. I hope it works out.”

“It’ll be fine, Thomas. Now we better get back to work, filing those case files or someone is going to be yelling at us.” Stephanie said calmly as she picked her work up and began to file.

Steadmire smiled as he began to work too and realized that this day turned out to be all right. He might have gotten the better man. After all, he was 6’ 2’’, solid muscle and blond hair with blue eyes. He was a perfect specimen of a man. And he was only 35, not older like Ellison. Yes, this was going to work out great.


Jim and Blair took four files down to records and wanted to pick three more up. When they walked in everyone was working and Steadmire didn’t pay any attention to them at all. Stephanie walked up to the counter and said, “Yes?”

Jim was in total shock. Steadmire was completely ignoring him. With a smile on his face, Jim asked for the files he needed and handed her the ones that needed to be filed away. Blair couldn’t believe this was the same Steadmire. Then he saw the plant with the sterling silver dolphin in it. Caden had done a really good job.

When Stephanie came back out with the files, she said, “If there is anything else I can do for you, just yell.”

“Thank you, Stephanie.” Jim said as he turned to leave.

Blair followed him out and they got into the elevator. As soon as the doors closed Blair said, “Do you believe how quickly he got over you?”

Jim smiled and said, “Wasn’t quick enough for me, Chief.”

“Did you see the dolphin that Caden sent to him?”

Jim smiled over at the man who sometimes forgot how much Jim could see and said, “Yes, I saw it from the hallway. It’s a beautiful piece. I think they’re going to make a perfect couple.”

Blair suddenly thought of something and said, “Do you want to have them over for dinner?”

“No…” Jim laughed, because he knew his Guide was teasing him, big time.

“Okay, just wanted to check and be sure. This means, you’re all mine again and I don’t have to kick anyone’s balls, right?” Blair teased.

Jim smiled at his love and said, “I’m all yours, forever. “

“You are such a romantic. I love you.” Blair said softly.

“I love you too. Now let’s get some of this work done, so you can show me how much you love me at home.” Jim said getting out of the elevator and heading for their desks.

“All’s fair in love and war, is certainly right.”

Both men went to work right away, hoping to find a murderer and also keeping in mind that in the evening, they would belong to only each other. Just as it was meant to be.

The end
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