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He's Mine Part 2 Sentinel Thursday Story

Title: He’s Mine Part 2
Author: Patt
Pairing: Jim/Blair
Fandom: The Sentinel
Summary: Blair finds out about a man trying to make moves on his lover. Jim wants to be in control of handling it, but Blair doesn’t like that idea.
Challenge #199: All’s Fair…
For: SXR and Sentinel Thursday
Rating: FRAO
Warning: m/m
Word Count: 2136

He’s Mine
Part 2
By Patt

Jim couldn’t believe the wild sex they had that night, after they got home from the station. He believed that Blair ought to be jealous all of the time, so he could get that much action in one night again. Blair had made sweet love to him like it was going to be the last time and Jim was reminded of the fact of how much he loved Blair. Thomas Steadmire hadn’t a chance in hell.

“I like when you’re possessive and jealous.” Jim said softly as he curled up to Blair’s naked back.

“Well, you’re mine, what do you expect?” Blair asked.

Jim smiled and said, “I think I can take care of myself, though. You do know that you can trust me, right?”

Blair turned his body around so he was facing Jim and said, “I know I can trust you, it’s Steadmire that I can’t trust.”

“But Chief, he won’t be getting anywhere with me. Ever.” Jim assured Blair.

Blair pulled away from Jim and asked, “So does it bother you that I’m taking care of it?”

“A little bit…You make me feel like you don’t trust me enough to handle it myself.” Jim explained.

“Fine, you handle it then.” Blair got out of bed and grabbed his things for his shower.

Jim knew he was going to have to fix this, because now Blair’s feelings were hurt. Jim didn’t want Blair to be hurt in any way. He grabbed his boxers and a robe and followed Blair downstairs and into the bathroom.

Blair saw that Jim was expecting to shower with him and he said, “I’d like some time alone if you don’t mind.”

“Well I do mind. I want to be with you. I love you more than anyone in the world. If you want to handle things, then so be it. But if you aren’t around, expect me to handle them too. Is that good?” Jim asked hopefully.

Blair grabbed Jim’s hand and pulled him into the bathroom. “It’s better than good, it’s perfect. We’ll team up and he won’t see what’s coming.”

Jim got in the shower with Blair and forgot all about Steadmire, because Blair was just that fucking good. If he worked this right, Blair would be jealous for some time and he’d have sex every single day. No one needed sex more than a horny Sentinel.


Thomas Steadmire was admiring his look in the mirror the next morning and said to himself, “Now if Ellison comes down, you’ll be ready. You look twice as good as Sandburg, so this should be easier than you were thinking. He looked at his dark curly hair that was cut short and went all over the place and realized it was sexy in a way. Men always liked that about him. They said he had a just fucked look to his hair all the time. His eyes were bright green, a nice change from Sandburg’s. Ellison might like that a lot. Something different for a change. Yes, Thomas looked good and he knew it. Now, he just needed to make contact with Ellison.


Conner saw Jim sitting at his desk and said, “Do you have the Morelli file done yet?”

“Hell no, I haven’t even picked it up from records yet. I need to get that started. I’ll go and pick it up now. Tell Blair where I went if he comes back.” Jim stood up to take his leave.

Megan Conner just spazzed out for a second and finally said, “No, let me.”

“Conner, I’m able to go down to records. I think I can fend off Steadmire by myself.” Jim said laughing.

She frowned as she said, “You won’t think it’s so funny when Sandy get’s here.”

Jim walked to the elevator with a huge smile on his face. He loved that Conner was defending his honor too, but he could take care of it himself.

As he walked into records, all talking stopped and everyone looked at him. He felt like he was on display or something. He walked up to Stephanie Miller and said, “Could I get the Morelli file, please?”

Thomas Steadmire quickly came up to the counter and said, “I’ll get that for you, Jim. Hang on just one second.” And like that he was gone to get the file.

Jim looked at Stephanie and saw her blush and he said, “I’m taken.” Like that would explain everything and Stephanie said, “I don’t think he cares.”

Sighing Jim waited for the file and dreaded having to look at the man again. When Steadmire walked back into the room, everything got quiet again and Jim watched the man closely. He was a good looking man, curly short hair, bright green eyes and dressed very nicely. Someone that Jim would have been attracted to pre-Sandburg era, but now, he didn’t do a thing for him. Steadmire handed him the folder and said, “Jim, how would you like to have lunch with me today?”

Jim was taken off guard. He never expected him to act so quickly. But no one could say Jim wasn’t on his toes all the time. “Steadmire, I’m dating someone right now and he’d kick your ass for even asking me out to lunch, so please don’t ask me again.” Jim took the folder and walked away without saying anymore.

Steadmire walked on the other side of the counter and followed Jim to the door. Jim saw him doing it and was unnerved. He looked over at him and said, “What?”

“I just wanted to see you close up and figure out why you would be with anyone that controlled you that much.” Steadmire said loudly.

Jim blushed because everyone was now in his business and answered, “It’s what you do when you’re in a relationship. You’re not supposed to be looking elsewhere, so please don’t bother me again.”

Jim walked out as quickly as he could and realized he was sweating. He hated office gossip and now there would be more. And it would get back to Blair and Blair would probably kick some Steadmire ass and get suspended. Jim gave a loud sigh as he got on the elevator and went back up to the bullpen. Whomever said ‘alls fair’ was nuts.

Jim sat down at his desk and began to work on the Morelli file. He hoped that Blair didn’t hear about records at all today. When Jim saw him get off of the elevator, he knew this wasn’t his fucking day. Blair was very angry and looked ready to smack someone and that could be him.

“Hey Chief… Where were you?” Jim asked sweetly.

“I was having coffee across the street with Rafe and Brown. You were busy, so I figured I could ask them some questions about something I was thinking about. And low and behold we hear some good gossip while we’re in the diner. I hear you got asked out for lunch by Steadmire.” Blair had his arms folded across his chest and looked ready to spit nails.

“I had to go and pick up a file, Chief. And I told him exactly how it was.” Jim explained.

“Did you tell him that I’m going to kick him in the balls?” Blair asked, very seriously.

Jim started to laugh, he couldn’t help it. “No, Chief, I didn’t say that because I didn’t know what you had planned. I did tell him that you would kick his ass for asking me out.”

“You did?” Blair was calming down.

Jim smiled at his lover and said, “Of course I did. And I told him to not bother me again. I think he might understand now.”

It was Blair’s turn to laugh now. “He’s already telling people that he’s going to break us up.”

“Well, are you going to let him?” Jim asked.

“No fucking way.” Blair said coldly.

“Then there isn’t a problem. I don’t intend to talk to him again unless it’s for work and I don’t see why he’s so insistent about asking me out.” Jim was confused.

Blair smiled over at his lover and whispered, “Because you’ve got a body to die for, Ellison.”

“So this guy only wants me for my body? How shallow is that?” Jim asked Blair.

Blair had to blush, because he loved Jim’s body, so did that make him shallow? He was thinking about it when Jim said, “So you just like me for my body, too?”

“No way, I love everything about you, your personality, your work ethics, your sense of humor and your love for me. I love all of that, but I do adore your body. I’m still a little bit shallow.” Blair admitted.

Jim smiled and said, “I’ll forgive you for being shallow if you let me get back to work. We have to work on the Morelli case now.”

“So who’s stopping us?” Blair teased and sat down at his desk and began looking for more clues to help Jim.

They worked for the next two hours without talking and compared notes finally, and Blair said, “Let’s go to lunch.”

“Sounds good to me.” Jim went and told Simon that they had found a few things on the Morelli case and then told him they were going to lunch. Simon just waved him off like he usually did and Jim was ready to go in moments.

They went to the diner, because it was close and got a booth and sat down to relax. After they ordered, Blair said, “I don’t want you to think that this discussion about Steadmire is over.”

Jim sighed and said, “No, I know it’s not over with and speak of the devil.” Jim looked towards the door and Steadmire walked in with a big dude from traffic that everyone knew was gay. He was about 6’2” and built even bigger than Jim. They went and sat down in the booth across from Jim and Blair.

Blair just gave him the evil eye and Jim started to laugh. Blair glared at him and said, “What’s so fucking funny, man?”

Jim leaned in close and whispered, “Is this supposed to make me jealous?” Then he burst out laughing.

Then Blair realized what he meant and he started laughing too. Before long they could hardly catch their breath.

Officer Caden Miles asked, “Ellison and Sandburg are you all right?”

“We’re peachy.” Blair answered still laughing like a loon. “Jim just told a funny joke and I’m still laughing.”

Steadmire said, “I bet Caden knows a lot of good jokes, don’t you?”

Miles stared at him oddly and said, “I’m not known for a good sense of humor, so no, I don’t know any jokes.”

This started Jim and Blair off again. They could hardly eat their lunch, because they were laughing so hard. When they were done and leaving both Jim and Blair said goodbye to Officer Miles, but not one word to Steadmire.


When they arrived at the bullpen, there were flowers waiting on Jim’s desk. Rafe gave a wolf whistle and said, “Sandburg sending you flowers now?”

Jim looked at Blair and saw the frown and knew they were from Steadmire. “Oh for gods sake, give me a break.” Jim picked the flowers up and put them on Conner’s desk and then went back to his desk and sat down. Blair was glaring at him.

“What? I didn’t ask to have flowers sent to me.” Jim said apologetically.

“Let me see the card.” Blair saw Jim take the card and put it in his pocket.

Jim handed him the card and it said //How about dinner then? Love, Thomas//

Jim read the card over Blair’s shoulder and said, “What is with this guy?”

“He wants you, Jim. It’s as simple as that. I think I need to pay him another visit.” Blair stated to walk away.

“Sandburg, come here.” Jim said sweetly and Blair walked over to him and asked, “What?”

Jim tried to explain how he felt. “Please don’t go down there again. It’s beginning to embarrass me. The dweeb is getting on my nerves. Can’t we just ignore him? At least he’s dating Caden Miles, that’s something.”

“He was trying to make you jealous, you moron.” Blair was trying not to laugh again.

Jim smiled at Blair and asked, “Could we give it a week or so and see if he loses interest? Then you can kick his ass.”

“Deal…” Blair sat down and began working on the Morelli case once more.

Both men wondered what was in store for them in the next week. Jim was hoping for nothing, but good sex with a jealous Blair, but Blair was hoping to kick a certain person’s ass all over records and back.

Time would tell…

The end
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