pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

Two papercuttings that I got framed and two other things.

The first one is from my brother Dan, who did a Holocaust memories papercutting and this is a print from that. They accidentally put a gold frame on the piece, but I loved it. I thought it brought out the black more and it looked more elegent.

The next one is the papercutting of a mother tiger and her baby done by my brother, Pete. It looks beautiful in the frame. I just had to share it.

The next to the last picture is two dragons that I'm using in my entryway along with one with knights. :) A friend of mine did these. Suse lives in Germany and I could never thank her enough. They look fabulous. I hope you can see them close enough.

The last one is going to be in Alexa's bedroom. (That's my Grand-daughter) Margaret did this for me and I've always loved it, but kept putting off the framing forever. So finally it's going to be up where it belongs. It's abstract/dolphins. I love it.


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