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Another Sentinel Fic

Title: The Keeper of My Heart
Author: Patt and Mary Browne
Email: and
Pairing: Jim/Blair
Fandom: The Sentinel
Summary: Jim is alone with his thoughts.
Rating: FRAO
Warning: Pre-slash
Word Count: 261
Haiku by Mary Browne and snippet by Patt.

Meaningless dinners
I want something permanent
Blair is just perfect!

By Mary Browne

The Keeper of My Heart
By Patt

I was alone as usual at the loft. Blair was out on another date.
That makes three times this week and as usual, he doesn't know I'm

One would think that it might be a good idea to bring the subject up
and discuss it with him, but I don't have the nerve. It's been years
since I've been with a man and I'm just not that sure of myself. Not
to mention that Blair is a babe magnet. What could he possibly see in
a tired, old cop?

Every morning when we leave the loft, I feel like he's taking my
heart and my spirit with him. I love him that much. But I have to
learn to live with it.

He's wondering why I'm not dating anyone, so I guess I'll have to go
on a date for one night. That's what my life is now, a bunch of one-
night-stands. Meaningless dinner, never sex.

Sometimes I wish that Naomi were here to tell me what I should do.
She would be wise, I just know it. And she might give me the push I
need. Why am I even wondering about it, nothing is going to be said
or done? He's the keeper of my heart, but only I know it.

This love stuff hurts and I'm tired of it. Some day I will talk to
him, just not tonight. It's time for me to sleep and dream of my
life with Blair. At least I have him in my dreams.

The end.
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