pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

Six Christmas Drabbles

Title: Snow Blower
Author: Patt
For: My Mongoose
Prompt Word: #1 Snow
Word Count: 126

Snow Blower
By Patt

Jim Ellison shoveled the heaping snow that lay before him on the sidewalks and driveway of Prospect. Why was he the one out doing the shoveling? Because Blair had promised to give him a blow job every night for a week, if he went and shoveled all of the snow for the neighbors. Blair called himself a snow blower and laughed, but Jim took him up on it.

After three hours of shoveling snow, Jim wasn’t quite sure it was worth any number of blow jobs until he began to think about Blair’s lips around him and he warmed right up and got his second wind.

Yup, Blair was worth any amount of shoveling snow. And if you don’t believe it, just ask Jim Ellison.

Title: Christmas Tree
Author: Patt
For: My Mongoose
Prompt Word: #2 Tree
Word Count: 129

Christmas Tree
By Patt

“Chief, what is this in the corner of the living room?” Jim asked trying not to laugh.

“It’s an artificial tree so we don’t have to cut down one this year. I know it doesn’t look as good, but we’re going to make up for it.” Blair explained.

“How?” The larger man wondered aloud.

“We’re going to play our favorite Christmas music, eat our favorite Christmas desserts and decorate this tree until you can’t see hardly anything but the decorations. It’s going to be great.”

“Is this something you feel strongly about, Chief?”


“Then let’s get started. I’ll get the music going; you get the dessert and the decorations.”

Jim found that doing anything with Blair was fun as long as you got to spend time with him.

The End

Title: Ham?
Author: Patt
For: My Mongoose
Prompt Word: #3 Turkey
Word Count: 118

By Patt

“What do you mean you want to have ham for Christmas? That’s Un-American. Everyone knows you eat turkey on Christmas and that’s all there is to it.”

“Chief, I don’t think it really matters.”

“It does to me. I don’t eat ham.”

“You ate a ham and cheese sandwich last week during the game, do you remember that?”

“Okay, fine… I eat ham, but not for Christmas. I was really looking forward to turkey. Please?”

“Has anyone mentioned that you’re a brat, Sandburg? You always have to have things your way.”

“Are we going to have turkey on Christmas day?”

“Of course. You’re a brat and always get your way.”

“All right. That’s the way I like it…”

The end

Title: Why Jim loves Christmas
Author: Patt
For: My Mongoose
Prompt Word: #4 Stuffing
Word Count: 100

Why Jim Loves Christmas
By Patt

“Oh just like that, Jim, that’s perfect. I’m so close, I’m going to come.”

“I love when you talk about stuffing and I get to stuff you.”

“Way to ruin a mood.”

“You’re the one that asked me if I wanted to stuff you.”

“Yeah, but that was an hour ago, I forgot. Now are you going to get back to this or are we going to go and start the real stuffing?”

“Chief, this is the real stuffing, you better believe it.”

“I believe, I believe.”

“Merry Christmas, my turkey.”

“Merry Christmas to you too, Jim. I love you.”

The End

Title: Balls
Author: Patt
For: My Mongoose
Prompt Word: #5 Bulbs
Word Count: 153

By Patt

“Jim, do you know where I put those red balls?”

“They’re not balls, Chief, they’re Christmas bulbs.”

“Whatever… They’re red and they’re round. That to me is balls. I like putting the balls on the tree.”

“Chief, it sounds horrible to hear you say that.”


“That you like putting balls on the tree.”

“I didn’t mean your balls, Jim. Now that would be a sight indeed. Everyone would come and take a gander at that.”


“Stop laughing, they would gander.”

“Stop calling them balls and call them bulbs.”

“They’re called ornaments, you doofus, the lights have bulbs. So there.”

“So call them ornaments then, not balls.”

“If you can call ornaments, bulbs, I can call them balls.”

“I give up.”

“I win again. Now help me put the Angel on top of the tree.”

“Is that the ornament Angel or you?”

“Oh you are going to get so lucky, big guy.”

The end

Title: Deck the Halls
Author: Patt
For: My Mongoose
Prompt Word: #6 Blinking Lights
Word Count: 141

Deck the Halls
By Patt

“Chief, do you have to use blinking lights all over the loft?”

“They’re for Christmas, Mr. Scrooge. Get a grip.”

“They give me a headache.”

“Dial it down, Jim.”

“Dial what down. The blinking gives me a headache. They’re still blinking no matter what I dial down to.”

“It helps if you sing while we hang them all over the place.”

“Not if I have a headache, it doesn’t.”

“Deck the Halls with boughs of holly…”

“I’m going to deck you.”

“Right here and now? Under the blinking lights? And what happened to your headache, Mr. Scrooge?”

“It left at the thought of decking your hall.”

“I’ll get the regular lights and put those up after we’re done upstairs.”

“And they say I don’t have the upper hand…”

“Jim, I had the other lights ready, I just wanted to get decked.”

The End

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