pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

Ten things I love that start with L.

Given to me by nicci_mac
Nicci has given me the Letter L to work with. :)

1. Loving my hubster

2. Looking at Gay Porn (Manips and such.)

3. Learning html (I'm a total beginner, but find it very interesting.)

4. Lasagna, like cooking it and eating it.

5. Lake, love to swim and boat, but rarely do. We live in a desert after all.

6. Livid, when I have nothing to read or write.

7. List making. I love these darn Meme's.

8. Leisurely Cruise. I love going on Cruises. They're a blast.

9. Landis McQuade, a Sentinel Writer. I just love her humor.

10. Lawrence Sanders, writer. The First Deadly Sin series. It rocks. If you haven't read it, you have to.

So the rules are - if you want a letter, comment here and I will give you one...
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