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Slash Me Twice #34

Title: Following His Dream
Author: Patt and Aijinitami
Email: and
Pairing: Jim/Blair
Fandom: The Sentinel
Summary: The future is set.
Challenge #34: Future
For: Slash Me Twice
Rating: FRAO
Warning: m/m
Word Count: 508

The future is now!
Blair will know that I love him
I'm telling him soon
by Aijinitami

Following His Dream
By Patt

I drove as quickly as I could to the University. I called Simon and told him I needed some personal time. I couldn’t think of anything more personal that me trying to tell Blair how much I love him. We’re both idiots. All of this time, I was afraid to say anything because he was such a babe magnet and he evidentially felt the same way.

I found a parking spot right up in front, so I could rush to his office before he has to get to his class. Things are looking up as I rushed to said office. When I arrived, I stopped a moment to think of what I would say. Then I realized, I didn’t need to think, this was Blair. He loved me; I loved him what more needed to be said, right?

I cleared my throat and knocked on the door. I heard, “I’ll be there in just a moment.”

I decided to let him know I had followed him to work. “Chief, it’s me, I need to talk to you.”

He opened up the door and said, “Jim, I have a class in five minutes, I really need to get going. I’ll talk to you when I get home tonight.”

“I love you.” I couldn’t believe I just blurted it out in the middle of the hallway.

“What?” He asked sounding somewhat confused.

“I couldn’t let another day go by without telling you I love you.”

“What about the blond bimbo?” Blair wanted to believe.

“Don’t call her a bimbo. She’s the daughter of a good friend of mine and she had too much to drink, so I offered her our sofa to sleep on. That’s all there was too it.”

“Man, I have a class. Could we take this up later?”

“I love you, Blair.”

“I understand that, but we have a lot to talk about.”

I could smell the fear and indecision on him and wanted to smack both of us upside the head. “Blair, can you get someone to cover your class?”

“No, it’s too late. I’ll talk to you at home.” Blair tried to get by Jim but Jim wasn’t budging.

“How about if you come and sit in the back of the class and we can talk afterwards?” Blair suggested.

“I can live with that, after all I have the day off. Everything will be fine.”

We walked to the classroom and I put my arm around Blair’s shoulder and felt Blair lean into me. It felt nice having him in my arms after wanting him there for so long. We separated once we got to the classroom and I sat clear in the back so not to disturb him in any way.

As I looked up at this wonderful teacher, he kept giving me one of those huge smiles that light up the room and I knew this man was going to give me a run for my money, he was going to be worth every cent.

The end.
Tags: slash me twice fiction

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