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Slash Me Twice #31

Title: Camping With Blair
Author: Patt and Aijinitami
Email: and
Pairing: Jim/Blair
Fandom: The Sentinel
Summary: The boys go camping.
Challenge #31: Flame
For: Slash Me Twice
Rating: FRAO
Warning: m/m
Word Count: 439

Blair does the cooking
Over an open flame now
Jim just enjoys fish.
by Aijinitami

Camping With Blair
By Patt

“Hey Chief, I got us a new two room tent for this weekend’s camping event. What do you think of that?”

“That’s great, but do you really think we both need our own room in a tent?”

“It gets a little crowded in a two man tent, don’t you agree? I just wanted us to have more room and more fun.”

“Okay, I’m set. I’m all packed and the food is all packed, just in case we don’t find any fish. And I remembered to bring the locking chest for all of our garbage so we don’t attract any bears.” Blair was piling things up next to the door as he talked.

“We’re ready; let’s get this show on the road.” Jim couldn’t wait for them to get there. This was going to be fun.

On the drive up to the site, Jim remembered he bought something for he and Blair that he hadn’t mentioned yet. “Guess what I bought for the rooms in the tent?”


“Air mattresses, so there will be no more stiff backs for us. I even got a device to plug into the truck so we can blow them up quickly. This is going to be the best camping trip ever, you wait and see.” Jim was the one bouncing for a change.

They arrived two hours later and got everything set up. Blair couldn’t believe how nice the tent was. And sure enough there was a room for both of them off a small little room in the middle. Once the tent was up, they filled the air mattresses and got the beds made up.

“You ready for some fishing?” Jim asked with a huge smile on his face.

“You betcha.” Blair answered and got all of the fishing gear out of the tent so they could go have fun. “When did you get these fishing chairs?”

“I bought them the same day I bought the air mattresses. I thought it would be more comfortable. I’m getting too old to sit on rocks.” Jim explained.

“Sounds good to me, now show me the way to the fish.” Jim led the way down to the lake and they began to fish. They both got two fish and stopped at that. They never caught any more then they would eat during a meal.

Blair watched the flames as he did all of the cooking after Jim cleaned the fish. Everything went into the locking chest to keep the bears away. That night they sat and watched the stars until it got too chilly and then they got ready for bed.

They were both settled in their beds and Jim said, “Thanks for the nice dinner tonight. This weekend is just what we needed.”

“I couldn’t agree with you more, man. I’m glad we’re best friends.”

“Night, Chief.”

“Night, Jim.”

The end.
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