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Slash Me Twice # 27

Title: Dreaming the Night Away
Author: Patt and Aijinitami
Email: and
Pairing: Jim/Blair
Fandom: The Sentinel
Summary: They are almost a ‘we’.
Challenge #27: We
For: Slash Me Twice
Rating: FRAO
Warning: m/m
Word Count: 359

Dreams tell us our most
immediate hopes and wants
Loving Blair is fun.
by Aijinitami

Dreaming the Night Away
By Patt

Blair kept having the same dream over and over again. Jim found out that Blair was in love with him and kicked him out of the loft, again. No matter how hard he tried to talk to Jim, the Sentinel wouldn’t listen to a word he said.

The dreams went on all night long until about 4:00 a.m. and Blair finally got up and put some things in his backpack and decided to go to the station house early. He could shower there and get out of Jim’s way first thing. Those dreams were a little too real to Blair, so he got dressed and left for the day. He didn’t even think to leave a note.

Jim woke up from a wonderful dream of him and Blair making love and realized he was alone in the loft. “Damn it, Ellison, you’re a Sentinel. You should have heard him leave.” But Jim knew that last night was the first good night's sleep he’d had in about a month, so that was probably why he didn’t wake up when Blair left. Now he had to find him.

Jim called the bullpen and Blair answered, “Sandburg.”

“Hey, what are you doing at work already?” Jim asked gently.

“I couldn’t sleep, so I just wanted to get caught up on some of the paperwork. Is everything all right?” Even when he was nervous about all of this, he still worried about his best friend.

“I’m fine, I just called to see if you wanted to go to Saccony’s for dinner tonight. I need to talk to you about a few things.” Jim hoped he was keeping his voice light and Blair wouldn’t realize this was a date.

A depressed Blair answered, “Sure, that’s fine with me.”

“I’ll be in, at about 8:00, so that’ll give you time to finish the reports, right?” Jim laughed to put Blair at ease.

“Yeah, right. See you then, partner.” Blair felt good for the first time in weeks. Jim almost sounded like Jim again. He hoped that Jim wouldn’t throw him out of the loft. Time would tell.

The end.
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