pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

Slash Me Twice # 13

Title: Sensual Delight
Author: Patt and Aijinitami
Pairing: Jim/Blair
Fandom: The Sentinel
Summary: Someone is watching Jim while he takes a shower.
Challenge #13: Magic
For: Slash Me Twice
Rating: FRAO
Warning: m/m
Word Count: 271

Blair works his magic
on a tired and hurting
Sentinel... his own.
By Aijinitami

Sensual Delight

Jim took his sticky, bloody clothing off and stepped in the welcoming warm water of the shower. Normally he didn’t shower at the station, but this couldn’t wait. He had his senses turned down because of the blood and didn’t know he was being watched.

Across the room a silent figure stood watching Jim as he cleaned himself. The vision before him was too much to ignore.

Jim soaped his lower body and rubbed it in before rinsing. Then he started on his face and hair. Throwing his head back it looked like he was caught in a moment of sensual delight instead of washing his hair. You could see his nostrils flaring, just as they did during sex. His eyes never opened once during the entire routine. When he began to soap up his cock, it slowly became semi-hard. The silent figure was wondering if he could just jump into the shower and get away with it.

Four other officers walked into the shower room and the man pulled back. Instead he whispered, “Ellison, I’m waiting at home for you. Get your beautiful ass in gear.”

Jim was brought out of his slow activity and moved like a man on a mission. No one made him harder than one Blair Sandburg. He had to get out of here, and now. Like magic, he was transformed into a person with a lot of energy.

During the drive home, Blair wondered how he had been so lucky as to enjoy a naked Sentinel whenever he wanted. For whatever reason, he wasn’t going to complain. Jim was pure sensual delight.

End: Sensual Delight

Tags: slash me twice fiction

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