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#14 Slash Me Twice Challenge

Title: Time to Love
Author: Patt and Aijinitami
Email: and
Pairing: Jim/Blair
Summary: Jim thought he would have all the time in the world. He was wrong.
Challenge #14: Time
For: Slash Me Twice Fiction
Rating: FRAO
Word Count: 176

Almost way too late
Blair has been hurt yet again
I need to tell him.
By Aijinitami

Time to Love
By Patt

I thought I would have plenty of time with him, but today reminded me of how precious our time together can be. I almost lost him to a drug dealer and all because the dealer got off a lucky shot. Blair was shot in the leg and the bleeding was bad. As we awaited the ambulance, I was once again reminded of time going by too quickly and I needed to tell him some things.

I’m sitting by his bed in the hospital room. He’s lying there all pale and helpless, making me love him all the more. But he doesn’t know I love him because I don’t tell him. We’ve been together for six months and I’ve never told him I loved him.

He’s waking up and I smile at him and look at the time. It’s 3:00 a.m. and I whisper in his ear, “I love you, Blair.”

He falls right back to sleep, but he has a large smile on his face. It was definitely time.

The end.
Tags: slash me twice fiction
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