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#9 Slash Me Twice Challenge

Title: A Sharp Dressed Man
Author: Patt and Aijinitami
Email: PattRose1@aol.com and mamacat@fiendworks.com
Pairing: Jim/Blair
Summary: Blair comments on what Jim is wearing.
Challenge #9: Sharp
For: Slash Me Twice Fiction
Rating: FRAO
Word Count: 177

Jim gathers his wits
Today is the day for truth
Go out with me, Blair.
by Aijinitami

A Sharp Dressed Man
By Patt

“Whoa, who are you dressing up for? You really look sharp.” Blair smiled and then he whistled.

“If you must know, I was going to ask you to go out to eat for dinner tonight. Got any plans?” Jim asked quickly.

“But Jim, I hate to see you waste that look on your roommate.” Blair teased.

“Maybe it’s not for just for my roommate.” Jim hinted.

“In that case, give me a few minutes to get as sharp looking as you look. I can’t be outdone by the man that just asked me out on a date.” Blair hurried into his room to dress.

“Get the lead out, Chief, I’m starving.” Jim called out jokingly.

Blair walked out of his room and asked, “Do you talk to all of your dates this way?”

“Just the one that looks as sharp as I do. You look great, Blair.”

“Thank you and we are going to talk about this.” Blair wasn’t giving Jim a choice.

“I had no doubt about it, Chief.”

The End.

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