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Part 20 Life as We Know It

Title: Life as We Know It
Author: Patt
Summary: Jim and Blair know they’ll be all right.
Prompt Word: Love
Pairing: Jim/Blair
Rating: FRAO
Warning: slash
Part 20 of the prompt series.
Word Count: 213

Life as We Know It
By Patt

When everyone left after poker, Jim helped Blair clean up and hugged the smaller man to his body. “I think everything is going to be all right, Chief.”

“I agree, Jim. Simon’s coming around, our friends are okay with it and your Dad even seems open to it. Things are going to be just fine. I knew it would work out if we only had enough love for each other.” Blair was in a lecture mode.

“That we do have, Blair. I love you more than anyone I’ve ever been with in my life.” Jim said seriously.

“Thank you. I love you more than anyone too. I think that now would be a good time to move on to different aspects of our love life, what do you think?”

“I would love to try new things with you. I’ll always love trying new things with you.” Jim was serious, but had a smile on his face.

“This is our new life as we know it, and we feel fine.” Blair sang to Jim and Jim couldn’t get him upstairs soon enough.

Life would always have its ups and downs, but for right now, it was good. It was great. It was fine.

The final in the Prompt series.
Tags: the prompt series

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