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Part 18 True Friends

Title: True Friends
Author: Patt
Summary: The boys talk to their friends.
Prompt Word: Poker
Pairing: Jim/Blair
Rating: FRAO
Warning: slash
Part 18 of the prompt series.
Word Count: 217

True Friends
By Patt

Jim and Blair invited Rafe, Brown, Conner, Joel and Simon over to their house on Saturday for Poker. They were going to tell them about their new status and see if anyone wanted to stay and play poker.

Everyone arrived except Simon, who had called and said he had other plans. Jim and Blair were both heartbroken, but they knew that this was just one of those things that they had to deal with.

They all sat down around the table and Jim began to tell them about him and Blair. No one looked that surprised.

Brown said, “I’m down with that.”

Conner said, “It’s about time.”

Rafe said, “You might run into problems at the station, but know that we’re here behind you all the way.”

And finally Joel said, “Congratulations, boys. Megan was right, it is about time.”

They all shook hands and Conner hugged both men and said, “So are we going to play poker or not?”

“Did you make anything special to eat, Blair?” Joel asked hopefully.

Everyone laughed at that and Blair started dealing the cards.

Jim and Blair smiled at each other and knew things were thankfully going to be fine with their friends.

They both held out hope for Simon.

You gotta have friends.

The end.

Tags: the prompt series

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