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Part 15 Real Life

Title: Real Life
Author: Patt
Summary: The boys tell Simon.
Prompt Word: Simon
Pairing: Jim/Blair
Rating: FRAO
Warning: slash
Part 15 of the prompt series.
Word Count: 384

Real Life
By Patt

Jim and Blair arrived at the station at 7:00 a.m. so they could have a meeting with Simon first thing. Jim felt like they should tell him before he found out from someone else. Blair agreed, but was very nervous about it.

They walked into the bullpen and Simon walked out of his office and said, “Why are you here so early?”

“We were hoping to see you before we got started on our cases, Sir.” Jim said quickly.

“Sure, come on in. Sit down, both of you and I’ll get you a cup of fresh coffee.” Simon got them each a cup and then sat on the edge of his desk. He knew something was up because he could see how nervous they both were.

Finally Blair said, “Simon, we’re a couple and we thought we should tell you in case we catch any flack from it.”

Simon’s mouth fell open and he finally was able to say, “Don’t tell anyone around here because if the Chief finds out about the two of you, he’ll split you up as a team. Understood?”

Jim could tell that Simon wasn’t all that happy about their news and that bothered him somewhat. “Simon, do you have a problem with us being gay?”

“I don’t care if you’re blue and white as long as you do your job.” Simon snapped.

“So, you don’t want to hear anything more about it, right?” Blair asked.

“No, I don’t. I don’t want to hear about anyone’s girlfriends either, so don’t take this so personal. I’m not thrilled that my two best men are sleeping together and I’m not going to lie about it. But give me some time to get used to it, all right?” Simon stood up and opened his door for them to leave.

Jim and Blair both walked out of his office a little disappointed, but knew that this is how life was. What did they expect? A party? Things would work out; they just had to give Simon some space and some time.

This was the first dent in their happy life. It hurt both of them, but neither said much because they were at work. They knew they would have to discuss things when they got home.

Sometimes life sucked.

The End.
Tags: the prompt series

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