pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

Part 10 First Kiss

Title: First Kiss
Author: Patt
Summary: The boys make out.
Prompt Word: Kiss
Rating: FRAO
Warning: slash
Part 10 of the prompt series.
Word Count: 196

First Kiss
By Patt

Both men were nervous during the drive home. Jim was nervous because it had been a long time since he had been with a man and Blair because he felt unsure about the whole situation.

Neither of them said a word until they got home. Jim asked, “Are you sure about this, Blair?”

Blair didn’t answer and took Jim’s hand in his and led him over to the sofa. He finally felt sure. They both sat down and Jim moved in for the first kiss. He knew it was going to be wonderful because of his senses, but he never dreamed it would be like this.

Jim immediately became so tuned in to the taste of Blair’s lips and tongue that he knew of nothing else. Blair pulled back and said, “Turn it down Jim, I don’t want you zoning.”

Jim did as ordered and it was still great. They continued this for about an hour and Jim really felt like he wanted more, but he had to wait for Blair’s wants also.

Kissing would have to do for tonight. And this had been one hell of a first kiss.

The end.
Tags: the prompt series

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