pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

Under the weather.

I'm feeling much better. Thank you to everyone that asked about me.

I'm feeling a little puny today. I ache everywhere and am sick to my stomach, so I figure I have the flu. It's been so long since I had it, that I'm not sure. LOL After I took Vincent to work this morning, I came back home and slept for four hours. BORING! Didn't accomplish much today at all. I finished laundry for the boys and that was it. I have this new rule that if they do certain things for me to help out around the house, I in turn will do their laundry all week long. They like that because they hate doing laundry. LOL So it works out pretty well. I could just leave it for them, but I have to yell at them and get after them to do it, I figure why not get something out of it. Like them doing things I hate to do. LOL I don't mind laundry.

I watched Only The Lonely today with John Candy. I don't mean I watched it with him. LOL I wasn't that sick. I mean the movie with John Candy in it. I had forgotten how much I disliked his Mother in that film. She was a bitch. A bigot bitch, to boot. I then had to watch Uncle Buck to get in a good mood again. I loved John Candy, he was one of my favorite things from Canada. LOL Tomorrow, I'm going to watch STripes and Summer Rental just to make me laugh.

Speaking of movies, does anyone have a movie that makes them laugh out loud that they could tell me about? I'm looking for new movies to rent from Net Flix. I love a good comedy and have some on the list already, but could use some good suggestions. Thanks.

I hope everyone is feeling all right and having a good week so far.

Be well, everyone.

Hugs, Patt

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