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A little drabble.

Title: No Rest for the Wicked
Author: Patt
Challenge: LUST 60 Second fanfic
Rating: FMAO
Warnings: I’m using some Aussie talk and have never done it before. These words were from someone I know and hopefully they know their stuff. To all Australian’s, I’m sorry. LOL
Beta: I’ve not had a beta for this.
Summary: Someone can’t sleep.
Word Count: 574

No Rest for the Wicked
By Patt

Blair tiptoed down the stairs as quietly as he could. He had turned the White Noise Generator on to help drown out the sound. He hated when he couldn’t sleep and he feared that he would disturb Jim who had been very tired the night before. Blair looked down at his watch and saw it was 3:00 a.m. and figured, what the hell are friends for? He snuck into his old bedroom, which was now the office and sat on the chair as he dialed the phone.

Megan Conner heard her phone ring and cringed. She picked it up and yelled, “What? What kind of a Yobbo calls in the middle of the night?”

“Conner? What the hell is a yobbo?” Blair whispered.

“Sandy, is that you? I can barely hear you. And what in the root are you calling me at 3:00 a.m. for? Yobbo means someone that has no couth.” She wasn’t a happy camper.

“I had a problem and I can’t sleep.” Blair began to explain.

“Did Jimbo spit the dummy?”

“No, we’re not fighting; he’s sleeping, which leads to the problem. I’ve been keeping him up lately with my insomnia and he really needs the sleep. He’s been a bear.”

“I’ve noticed Sandy. Everyone at work is at the end of their ropes. Any whacker in their right mind stays clear of him these days. Now tell me why you’re up.”

“I can’t tell you.” Blair whispered again.

“What do you mean you can’t tell me? You yabber all the time, so start yabbering.”

“It’s really personal, Conner.”

“More personal than waking your best mate up in the middle of the night to tell her nothing?” Conner wasn’t going to take this lying down. Okay, maybe lying down, but not quietly.

“I’m in lust.” Blair said quietly.

“Of course you are, you whacker. What’s the news break about this?” She hoped he would make this quick so she could get back to sleep.

“I used to be just in love with Jim, but now I wake up in the middle of the night and find myself in lust for his body. What do I do?”

“You wake him up and tell him this and hope he’ll be in the mood for a middle of the nighter. Give him a morner. It’s like a nooner, only sooner.” Conner teased.

Blair laughed and said, “I can’t keep waking him up in the middle of the night.”

Jim walked into the office and smiled at his beloved Guide sitting there looking forlorn. “Tell Conner that you have to go have a morner.” Jim said smiling.

“Hey Conner, Jim’s up and he said we’re going to have a morner.” Blair was ready to hang up that second.

“Good for you both. Now don’t call me again unless something is wrong. Goodbye, Sandy.” She hung up the phone and said, “Holy Dooley, they are the dimmest bulbs in the box.”

Jim pulled Blair into his arms and said, “I heard you tell her that you were in lust with me. I liked hearing that. It’s nice to know that you love me, but you’re in lust with me too. I lust you too.”

The two men ran up the stairs as quickly as they could. All you could hear was laughing and love sounds coming from their room.

There is definitely no rest for the wicked.

The end.
Tags: fiction

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