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My good friend, here in Tucson has a sister-in-law that lives in Germany. She came for a four week visit. I saw her three times a week for swimming and all she talked about was nude beaches and running around the house naked and answering the door naked. I did my best fish impression when she said this because can you imagine our 14 year old if we ran around naked? She would be scared for life. And as far as answering the door to the postal worker in the nude made me laugh out loud. Talk about PTSD. My poor mail carrier would have to go on disability. She kept telling me how much I would love Germany and Europe in general. She said I could be free. So basically, they don't pay for fat broads in Europe. LOL I told her I'd rather stay where I'm safe. She said that Rod and I are missing out on things. Again, I laughed. I don't even like to be naked in front of my hubby half the time. But I"m going to start charging since I'm not free here in the USA. Now, I would like to hear what all you people from Europe have to say. Does it make you laugh. This happened over three weeks ago and I'm still laughing.

Have a good day, everyone.

Hugs, Patt

Wednesday was wonderful.

My friend, Patti and Kelly went to the movies with me on Wednesday. There are no spoilers here, just raves about how wonderful it was. It's called Yesterday. Such a nice movie. Sweet with a perfect sound track and I was so happy while watching it, I thought I would burst. They need more movies like this. :) Too often, I get carried away with my Marvel Movies and DC Movies that I forget that real movies make you think and feel everything. If you get a chance to see it, please do. It's worth every penny. :)

Hugs, Patt

PS: Patti is a new friend of about three months and we love that we don't have to worry about forgetting the other's name. LOL She's a riot and then there is me. A total spaz.

Good News.

Our Grandson Thomas doesn’t have Leukemia or cancer. Now they need to find the auto-immune disease that’s causes the white cell count. Thank you for good thoughts and prayers. Hugs, Patt

Dan's room is the least fancy.

He doesn't have as much room in his room because it has the master bath off of it. But it's still beautiful. It's a joy going through his house.

Dan's Room

My Brother Chris's room when he comes.

AGain, this one doesn't show how pretty everything is. And do you recognize the picture of Joan Baez? She posed for that. My brother Dan not only has a beautiful home, but also is a wonderful artist. Draws, paints, papercuts, sculpts, play the organ, the piano and the guitar. He sucked all the talent out of the entire family. :)

second Spare Room

For something different

My Brother Dan in New Mexico always likes his family to be comfy when they come to stay with him, so this is my room when I'm there. And believe me the pictures just don't do it justice.

Patt''s Room
I'm sorry I've been less active lately. So much is going on in real life. But I still read the posts now and then and keep up with everyone. Real life is kicking me in the butt.

My thirty year old Grandson, Vincent just broke up with his girlfriend of four years. They were planning on getting engaged but she told him she wants to be single for awhile. It's really hard on Jayla, his daughter. Vincent has her every other week. And Haley was really good with her. Vincent is heartbroken and blames himself for everything. He's been so depressed, so I try and keep him busy with his daughter and us as much as I can. So hopefully, he'll be all right. He's a mess right now.

Next, my 15 year old Grandson, Thomas is being tested on July 3rd at the children's hospital cancer clinic in Phoenix for Leukemia. But he's also being tested for HIV, and Lupus. I'm praying he has none of them, but his white blood cell count keeps getting lower and lower. Poor thing. He feels really bad. I mentioned something to someone at the grocery store and the fire department overheard what I said and they asked for my email. I gave it to them, if you can't trust the fire department, you can't trust anyone. Am I right. Anyway, I got home and there was a 100.00 gift card for comics for Thomas. I texted him and we put the order together and he's got 100 bucks worth of new comics to take to Phoenix. Not to mention, we're getting him a bunch also. We pray that he'll be fine. Thomas told me he can't believe how nice people are to people they don't even know. :) I agreed with him big time. So I'm not sleeping that well, thinking about all this. Poor guy is too sick to go through the testing right now. Please keep him in your prayers. He's such a sweetheart.

I just can't seem to get out of this funk I've been in for two weeks. Hopefully, I perk up soon. I'm tired of being depressed, it's depressing to everyone else. I like making people smile and feel good better.

Hope you are all well. Everything at my house is good. Sam is 14 now and getting more grown up every day. Things are going well for her.

Hugs, Patt

Happy Birthday, Sallymn

Happy Birthday, sallymn. I hope you have an excellent day and year. Hugs, Patt



Guess what we did?

We planned our 50th Anniversary together and booked a cruise. Yay. We love cruises. Anyway, this one is to the Western Caribbean and leaves out of New Orleans. To go to New Orleans is on both of our bucket lists, so we decided we would go two days early and see some of the town. If we like it, then we can go back again some other year. So next February we'll be on the ship for Rod's birthday and our anniversary. How exciting is that? We'll have ports of call to Cozumel, Roantan Bay Islands, Harvest Caye, Belize and Costa Maya. We're so darn excited. Only 308 days till we leave. LOL The website posts every day. We decided to go with Norwegian Cruise Lines this time around. We haven't sailed with them in about 26 years and boy oh boy do the ships look different. LOL Huge and fancy. Not that you have to be fancy to go on them, which works out well for us. We're not fancy at all. We're both as excited to see New Orleans as we are to go on the cruise. I hope the time goes by slow because I have to lose weight and I have to do a lot of things to get ready. We decided we would get some good Samsonite hard sided luggage for the trip. Geeze, was I ever in shock when I saw the prices. We'll have to save for it. I want good ones with a warranty. And guess what color they are? Caribbean blue. LOL LMBO Cracked me up big time. . It's going to be so romantic for just the two of us to go. We're just so happy. I had to share.
It's amazing how fast the time goes by and I think now that I'm older it seems to go faster. :)

I'm going to see my family in 10 days. I can't wait. It's been a year since I saw, Joe, Tony, Dan, Mary and Paul. Only three of us live out of New Mexico. So I won't see them right now, but I hope to see them next time. It's going to be nice. :)

Rod retired three weeks ago and we're doing well. Everyone told me he'll drive me nuts, but I go off to my Iron Man office and write or read. We each have our own things to do, so it works out well.

The weather has been so warm. It's been in high 80's for three weeks and now it's in the 90's. We get our running done early so we can relax in air conditioning when needed.

We watched Glass the other night on DVD and it was horrible. They should have called it Split 2. Bruce Willis's character was hardly in it and same goes for Samuel Jackson. It was a let down for sure. :)

I did see the movie Shazam at the theater and loved it. It was a story more about foster care and how great it is if you have good foster parents. It was a fun movie. Check it out when it's on DVD.

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter this weekend. Take care of yourselves.

Hugs, Patt

Ps: Rod got a new Hyundai Santa Fe XL and it's a great ride. I love that he finally gets a car that's new. He deserved it. :)

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