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Happy Birthday, CLuesby4

Happy Birthday, cluesby4. May this fabulous day bring you much sunshine, happiness and a lot of birthday cake. Be sure to eat a piece for me. :)

Best wishes. We all miss you around here.



I'm terrible. When I'm doing something I get so focused on it that I can't seem to do anything else. This Easter Charity is taking a lot out of me. Not that I mind, I love the charity, but I miss posting a lot and talking with all of you. So I'm not ignoring anyone, just busy, busy, busy with RL. You're all in my thoughts though. Does that count? The charity is going well. We're doing stuffed animals in backpacks with Easter goodies to go along with the Easter dinner. In my walk-in closet, I have 66 stuffed animals for the cause. :) All donated. My friend and I are doing a total of seven boxes for the shelter. We're going to be very busy in April. BUt everything is paid for except the hams for the dinner. We are set that way. Geeze, I love when a plan comes together and actually works. I'll probably drive you all nuts with news about the charity once it's over and done with. Have a good March and April. I will pop in when I can.

Hugs, Patt

Happy Birthday, Snailbones

Happy Birthday, snailbones. May your day be filled with sunshine, happiness and lots and lots of birthday cake.
Bless you.


Happy Birthday, Alyburns.

Happy Birthday, alyburns. May you have a joyful day and year.



Happy Birthday, not2bscene.

Happy Birthday, not2bscene. May you have a day filled with sunshine, happiness and lots and lots of cake.




Happy Birthday, Kaynyne.

Happy Birthday, kaynyne. I hope you have a wonderful day and evening filled with sunshine, happiness and lots and lots of birthday cake. :) Miss seeing you on here.

Hugs, Patt



I find myself in charge of...

the Greyhound Family Shelter cause once again. Except this time I'm in charge of everything. It's for Easter and we are thinking about casseroles for all of the bungalows to cut down on some of the cost. I've applied for a grant at our neighborhood grocery store and won't find out about that for six weeks. I'm hoping they can help because unlike Christmas, we aren't getting any donations in at all. And out of the 19 bungalows, we have only seven people signed up so far. And three of those are me. We have to collect use, but in good condition backpacks, either adult or children's. The next thing up is gently used stuffed animals. I've been to all of the thrift stores, but so far, nothing. The food alone, we are covering ourselves, but we need to fill the back packs with pencils, notebooks and Easter goodies. I'm not sure yet, but each of my bungalows might have four children. This is going to break me. Antoinette said that God doesn't give us more than we can handle. But I'm not getting any help whatsoever. If you know anyone that would be willing to donate for these things, I would appreciate hearing from them. I would offer to pay postage for boxes of things. Any help coming our way would be greatly appreciated. :) Just send me an email to PattRose1 at aol dot com for my address. Or you could leave me a message here. Thank you all for listening to my plea and not throwing things at the computer, hoping something will get through and attack me. LOL Happy Sunday.

Thank you for listening to me ramble.

Hugs, Patt

Some very happy news for me. :)

I went for teacher's conference today and it was wonderful. To hear all good things about your child is such a nice change of pace. :) Sam is not only doing well, but she got straight A+'s in all her classes. We took her to her favorite restaurant tonight to celebrate. She loves Chipotle. Keep in mind that she's a struggling student with learning disabilities and she still mastered her regular grades. That wasn't her Special classes. She worked very hard this year to get where she is. We're so darn proud of her. We also got her an Arizona ID for when we fly to New Mexico next month. Just in case they ask for ID. All in all, it was a great day. Boy, I love sharing good news. :) Have a great weekend, everyone.

Happy BIrthday, Unbelievable2.

Have a wonderful day, unbelievable2. And don't forget to eat lots and lots of birthday cake.


40 Question Meme

40 Question Meme

I got this from babiafi.

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